Welcome to the BYOM Academy!

We are here to support you in your career in classical music. We are passionate about music. And we are proud of our awesome community! 

Here you can book your courses. You find more information about the BYOM Academy on our main page -> Here.

  • The BYOM Courses are the highly praised career management and entrepreneurship courses for classical musicians.
  • The Recorded Courses allow you to learn at your own pace.
  • And then there are Other Things including the option to order the book, Be Your Own Manager.

Open Classes and Events

Interested in what the BYOM Academy is all about? Come to any of our free Open Classes or other events!

The BYOM Courses

From the BYOM Core Course to many other courses we offer. Get the tools you need for a successful career in (classical) music!

The Recorded Courses

Pressed for time? We have a growing portfolio of recorded courses for you. You can do them at your own pace. At some courses you will even receive personal feedback.

And Other Things

Do you have the book, Be Your Own Manager yet? Or do you need help in setting our your personal streaming studio? Here you can get all these things.