The 2021 Groups

Many of us found the studygroups and other groups we worked in within the BYOM community really helpful. We are therefore setting up groups for 2021 – for the first quarter. You have several options. Please select what is most suitable for you 🙂

Mentors and Coaches
  • Oliver Sartena will focus on Sales. You need to have done the Sales Intensive Course in order to join one of his groups.
  • Myroslava Khomik, Monika Kertesz, Christine Lee, Sofia Livotov, and Alexander Nantschev are the first Group Mentors from within the BYOM community. They will work the Group Program under Bernhard’s supervision and after having undergone specific training for it.
  • Bernhard Kerres will continue to run groups.
Dates and Times
  • Groups will start in January and run for 12 weeks – meaning until March/April.
  • You can choose between
    • meeting every week – therefore 12 times,
    • or every other week – therefore 6 times
  • Group meetings are for 90 minutes with 3 to 6 participants per group.
Prices per Participant

With Bernhard Kerres:

  • 6 Sessions:  Regular EUR 375 for all sessions – Minimum EUR 190
  • 12 Sessions: Regular EUR 490 for all sessions – Minimum EUR 350

With Oliver Sartena:

  • 6 Sessions: Regular EUR 216 for all sessions – Minimum EUR 160
  • 12 Sessions: Regular EUR 390 for all sessions – Minimum EUR 290

With Myroslava, Monika, Christine, Sofia, or Alexander:

  • 6 Sessions: EUR 99 for all sessions
  • 12 Sessions: EUR 179 for all sessions
Mornings are from 9 am to 1 pm CET (Vienna Time) / Afternoons are from 1 pm to 6 pm CET (Vienna Time) / Evenings are from 6 pm CET to 10 pm CET (Vienna Time)
Other BYOM members you would like to be in a group with.