Become A Spotify Pro

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Lengths: 3 webinars of 2 hours each plus 5 optional Office Hours of 1 hour each

Format: Instructor-led live online webinar on Zoom with several breakout sessions. Additionally, you can sign up for the Optional Office Hours.

Language: English

Instructor: Heike Matthiesen

Target Audience: Musicians, ensemble members, music managers, who want to create or improve their presence on Spotify

Number of Participants: 8 to 24

Pre-Requisite: BYOM Base Course is recommended. You should create and/or claim your artist’s profile on Spotify before the course starts.

Material Included: Handouts of the presentations used in the webinars. Links to rewatch the webinars.

Learn about how to get your music to all streaming services, find out the secrets about playlists and get you music heard all around the world. Yes, and earn a nice passive income with it!

  • Session 1 – How to get your music into streaming. Learn how to built playlists and artwork for them.
  • Session 2 – How to pitch to curators, learn how to use the Artist profile.
  • Session 3 – Bandcamp, Soundcloud. Canvas and promotion tools. And cheering the first money you earned!

You will have some homework, it would be great if you already have a personal profile when we start. The Office Hours are for helping, exchanging ideas, and checking.

Heike Matthiesen is a role model of how to create an indie classical musicians career: Soloist, chamber musician, researcher, speaker and women composers evangelist. She released already four solo CDs and performed in more than 30 countries. And she calls herself “Social media junkie” being present on all platforms as ambassador for classical music.