Laboratory for Beautiful Failure with Felicia Fuchs

The challenge:
As we deal with high complexity and place high demands on ourselves, we tend to strive for predictability and control. But faults and the unexpected are an integral part of our everyday lives.
Improvisation (im-provisus, lat.: un-foreseeable/un-predictable) – hence working with what unfolds at any given moment and creating something out of anything – offers one distinct advantage: Even in the toughest of situations, we remain capable of acting.

Our method:
Applied Improvisation for „failing beautifully“ and recognizing the opportunities of the unpredictable.
Only the courageous make it through `-).

Felicia Fuchs, the founder of featuring Consulting and the Laboratory for Beautiful Failure, is a systemic consultant and coach, lecturer, “failing beautifully”-enthusiast, and former overachieving perfectionist. But, no worries. She still has enough perfectionism left in her blood – it’s a never-ending process.

”The Laboratory for Beautiful Failure arose out of my personal necessity for a new approach: instead of putting too much emphasis on control, I wanted to handle unpredictability with greater ease, allow failure and mistakes to happen, and integrate contradictions, as this seems to be more relevant in today‘s world than ever.“ – Felicia Fuchs

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