Classical Music Summer Lab

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You can book the option of 4 guided group sessions for the week. Bernhard or Oliver will work with small groups of 4 to 6 people through their individual projects. Each guided group session takes about 1,5 hours.

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Classical Music Summer Lab

This isn’t your normal course! It is a five days intensive lab to try out new ideas, test them, refine them, and pitch them. It is all based on design thinking, the work of Alexander Osterwalder, and similar hands-on tools. You do not need to bring a concrete project. But you should bring an idea of a different concert format, something you would like to test, a crazy plan, or something similar.

Dates & Times:

  • Monday, Aug 23, 2021, 5 pm CET (Vienna, Austria, Time): Discover Workshop
  • Tuesday, Aug 24, 2021, 5 pm CET (Vienna, Austria, Time): Define Workshop
  • Wednesday, Aug 25, 2021, 5 pm CET (Vienna, Austria, Time): Develop Workshop
  • Thursday, Aug 26, 2021, 5 pm CET (Vienna, Austria, Time): Deliver Workshop
  • Friday, Aug 27, 2021, 5 pm CET (Vienna, Austria, Time): Pitch Event followed by a party

Additionally, you can join a daily StandUp Meeting either at 10 am CET or at 7 pm CET. These are short meetings of about 30 minutes to address issues you might have while developing your projects and ideas.

Furthermore, you can join guided group sessions with either Bernhard or Oliver.

Lengths: 5 intensive days

Format: Instructor-led live online webinars on Zoom with several breakout sessions. Guided group coaching sessions are available as an additional option.

Language: English

Instructor: Bernhard Kerres and Oliver Sartena

Target Audience: Musicians, conductors, singers, composers, people working in arts management, music enthusiasts

Maximum Number of Participants: 24

Pre-Requisite: BYOM Base Course or similar experiences. If you are unsure about meeting the prerequisites, please contact us before booking!

Material Included: Handouts of the presentations used in the webinars. Links to rewatch the webinars.


The COVID19 pandemic provides the chance to re-think the 150-year-old structure of classical music. It is a time to experiment, to test, and to be bold. Audiences have changed. The business models are broken. So, let’s get together and be part of the positive change in classical music!

This intensive week is very different from any course. The week has much more of an open workshop character to develop, test, and refine ideas, and projects.

The daily workshops at 5 pm CET introduce tools used in service design, design thinking, and other areas of innovation. Some of them might be familiar to the BYOM community such as the Persona or a Customer Journey.

Participants are then asked to apply these tools to their projects and ideas, best in groups. Daily StandUp meetings provide the chance to get feedback from Bernhard and Oliver but also from other participants on issues that might come up while applying these new tools. Participants can either join the morning or the evening StandUp meeting based on their timezone and other commitments.

On Friday all participants can pitch their ideas to the class but also to guests specifically invited for this exciting event. We will aim to get an interesting group of presenters, managers, donors, and others for the pitch event.

About each workshop:

  • Discover: The Discover Workshop focuses on our customers – audience members. How do they think? Why do they come to a classical music event? The tools we will use are brainstorming techniques helpful for any group work, personas, and one part of the value proposition.
  • Define: In the second workshop we will start defining our value proposition to our customers. We will also look at the customer journey to understand how our performances, products, and services fit into the whole process for customers. You will be asked to test the assumptions we made.
  • Develop: Following the previous workshops we will look at tools to quickly visualize new products and services – yes, even concert and performance formats – so that we can start testing them in the market. We will look at the double circle of creating ideas, finding a meaningful hypothesis, testing it, and re-creating our ideas based on the findings.
  • Deliver: In the last workshop we will fine-tune our new idea in a way that we can present it in a short pitch to a wider public. We look at what is the essential information and how we get the best attention.
  • Pitch: Finally we will pitch our ideas to selected guests from within but also outside the music world. We will invite promoters, presenters, managers, donors, sponsors, and others with a great interest in classical music. This event will also be recorded and made accessible to selected people who might take an interest in some of the ideas and/or projects.

We will use Miro extensively for that week. This is a great online collaborative tool to visualize one’s thinking.

There will be some preparation you are asked to do before we start the intensive week. This will include observing concert and opera-goers, doing some research, and recording a short 2-minute video about what you would like to explore during that week.


Bernhard Kerres was the CEO and Artistic Director of the Wiener Konzerthaus. He founded the LinkedIn for classical musicians, HELLO STAGE. Together with Bettina Mehne he wrote the career handbook for classical musicians, Be Your Own Manager. Bernhard was the first opera singer to become a C-level executive of multi-million Euro tech companies. And he was the only artistic director of a world-leading concert house to bring his startup to Silicon Valley. He regularly coaches musicians and ensembles on their careers. He also consults orchestras, promoters, and presenters on strategy and innovation. Find out more on Bernhard Kerres at

Oliver Sartena is a true marketing and sales pro. He was managing director and head of marketing for Austria’s biggest fine wine retailer Wein & Co for over ten years, before founding and leading “Just Taste”, the wine shop start-up that combines online retail and real wine experience. Together with Bernhard Kerres, he created the Wine & Music series at the Vienna Concert House, one of the most successful new series. As a former member of the Vienna Boys Choir, he never stopped loving playing the piano and experiencing music. Oliver already co-taught the first BYOM Sales Intensive Course.

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