Marketing Yourself – Self Paced Course


If you want to make sure that you understood everything in this course and that you can apply it, we recommend booking additional feedback to the course. Choose between written feedback and 1:1 personal feedback delivered via Zoom.

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If I just had good marketing, my career would take off! Yes, perhaps… Here is an introduction to key marketing concepts relevant for musicians, ensembles, and anyone working in the music world. The course introduces concepts such as the difference between B2B and B2C, the 4Ps, and Personas. The concepts are presented in a way that they are directly applicable to musicians.



The Recorded Course Marketing Yourself consists of four video lectures:

  • An Introduction to Branding: What is branding? How do the most successful brands in the world do it? What does it mean for you as a musician?
  • An Introduction to Marketing: Learn about key marketing concepts and what they mean for musicians and people working in the music field. Hear about the difference between B2B versus B2C, Push and Pull Marketing, and the 4Ps.
  • An Introduction to Segmentation: It is not the whole world you want to market to – unless you have unlimited budgets. Segmentation helps you to address parts of the market relevant to you.
  • Thinking in Personas: One of the strongest concepts in marketing coming from service design is the Persona Concept. It asks you to get into the head of your potential customers – be it promoters and presenter, or audience members.

The course consists of over 45 minutes of video material, quizzes, suggested homework, and more.

The course provides a lot of material around marketing which is helpful when applying the concepts to your career. Furthermore, you can add the options of personal feedback for you to the course.

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