The Corona Scenarios (2nd Edition)


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The Corona Scenarios

Date & Time: Wednesday, October 14th, 2020, 14:00 CET (Vienna, Austria, Time)

Lengths: around 2,5 hours

Format: Instructor-led live online webinar on Zoom with several breakout sessions

Language: English

Instructor: Bernhard Kerres

Target Audience: Musicians, ensembles, agents, managers of festivals and performing arts venues

Maximum Number of Participants: 30

Pre-Requisite: None

Material Included: Handout of the presentation used in the webinar. Link to rewatch the webinar.

“One cannot predict the future. But one can prepare for different potential outcomes.”

The outbreak of COVID19 stopped all public performances, grounded flights, and brought the world to a stop. Music and performing arts were hit hard by the outbreak. Any public performances were canceled. Musicians lost a lot of income, as did festivals and venues. In some countries, small events are allowed again. But nobody knows if and when the world comes back to what it used to be.

Since our first workshop, the Salzburg Festival managed to go ahead in a reduced format. Columbia Artists has closed their doors. Travelling has become easier.

Scenario Planning is a discipline in System Dynamics to deal with uncertainties. Bernhard Kerres, who did his master thesis in system dynamics, will lead a hands-on scenario planning workshop about the COVID 19 crisis and the impact on the performing arts world.

The workshop contains:

  • an introduction into scenario planning and its relevance for the current situation of classical music and the performing arts
  • identification of key factors influencing the future with and after COVID 19
  • introduction to three different scenarios which will form the base for the breakout sessions
  • breakout sessions for the discussion of the different scenarios and how to act within them
  • summary of key findings of how to deal with the uncertainty
  • concrete recommendations for action for musicians, ensembles, venues, and festivals

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