Your Career Strategy – Self Paced Course


If you want to make sure that you understood everything in this course and that you can apply it, we recommend booking additional feedback to the course. Choose between written feedback and 1:1 personal feedback delivered via Zoom.

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This is the recorded course of Your Career Strategy. It comes with three key lectures on thinking about the future, finding your own Lovemark, and discussing two case studies. It has some quizzes in between so that you can playfully repeat what you have just learned.

The recorded course is ideal for anyone wanting to get to know Bernhard Kerres and the BYOM Concepts. You can do the course at your own pace. More recorded courses will follow.

The Recorded Course Your Career Strategy consists of three video lectures. They address:

  • The Back to the Future Exercise helps you to take a different view of your career. This should enable you a new perspective on what is important now.
  • The second lecture is all about What Makes You Special. This lecture includes the often cited Lovemarks concept. It should enable you to see who and where you can differentiate yourself to become more successful in your career.
  • Two Case Studies show you that musicians who started from the same starting point can take two very different paths. Both successful. It should encourage you to think outside the box when it comes to your career.

The course has over 50′ of video lectures, additional videos to better understand concepts, quizzes to test your understanding, and more exercises and material.

Additionally, you can add personal feedback to your assignment for this course – either in written form or in a 1:1 feedback session via Zoom.

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